Friday, September 13, 2013

KGC 2013

I will be a speaker on the Korean Game Developer Conference this year. This is my third time and I am very much enjoying it.
This year I want to talk about building a next-gen Post-Processing Pipeline. Most people haven't change their PostFX pipeline algorithms since 6 or 7 years ( ... no re-writing it in compute doesn't count ... also replacing your Reinhard operator with an approx. Hable operator: check out Insomniac's website doesn't count either :-) ).

Please come by and say hi if you are around.


Anonymous said...

Sounds promising! Will you put your slides online afterwards?

ypp said...

Can we expect the slides to be posted here?

Wolfgang Engel said...

I published another blog entry instead of the slides. I hope you enjoy it.

Wolfgang Engel said...

I posted the slides now at