Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Link Collection

I was looking through some of the links I saved for further reading today.

An article explaining BC compression formats with a lot of detail and clarity can be found here:

Understanding BCn Texture Compression Formats

There is an interesting blog post by Sebastien Sylvan. He writes about R trees a data structure that allows you for example to do spatially indexing of objects in your game.

A Random Walk Through Geek-Space

He also has other cool articles on hash maps and vector replacmenents.

We still need desktop PCs in the office to swap discrete GPUs whenever we need to. Because we also need them as portable as possible, we decided to build the following setup ourselves:

Maximum PC

So far we build two and they work well.

For Blackfoot Blade, we worked with a composer in Finland. I love the music he made and I wanted to share his website here:


Our friends at Bitsquid released a useful open-source library:


I quote from the description that describes the design of the library:

Library Design

foundation has been written with data-oriented programming in mind (POD data is preferred over complicated classes, flat arrays are the preferred data structure, etc). foundation is written in a "back-to-C" style of C++ programming. This means that there is a clear separation between data and code. Data defitions are found in _types.h header files. Function definitions are found in .h header files.

If you haven't found the DirectXTex texture library you need to check it out at


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