Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Links

I updated my list of links on the right side with some of the websites I keep an eye on.
I never met Brian Karis but he has a few very forward thinking posts on his blog. The same is true for Pierre Terdiman. He covers many non-graphics related tasks and I believe I read his blog and former website since 7 years (?). Aurelio Reis has some cool procedural stuff on his blog. Simon Green worked on some of the coolest stuff that you can find in the NVIDIA SDK. His blog has some interesting entries on how the GPUs nowadays can render CG movie content in real-time while CPUs still need a lot more time to do the same. Then I also added Mike Acton's blog. I wonder how I could have forgotten this as often as Mike and I met in the last few months. He is certainly one of the SPU and Multi-core programming authorities in the industry. I especially like his opinion regarding C++ and data-centric design. Lots of people repeated this mantra in the last two years but I heard it from him before.

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Julien Koenen said...

Thanks for these links. I'm always looking for good programming related blogs/journals.