Sunday, November 29, 2009

CSE 190 GPU Programming UCSD

I am going to teach GPU Programming in the upcoming quarter at UCSD. Look out for course CSE 190. Here is the announcment:

Course Objectives:
This course will cover techniques on how to implement 3D graphics
techniques in an efficient way on the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Course Description:
This course focuses on algorithms and approaches for programming a
GPU, including vertex, hull, tesselator, domain, geometry, pixel and
compute shaders. After an introduction into each of the algorithms,
the students will learn step-by-step on how to implement those
algorithms on the GPU. Particular subjects may include geometry
manipulations, lighting, shadowing, real-time global illumination,
image space effects and 3D Engine design.

Example Textbook(s):
A list of reading assignments will be given out each week.

Laboratory work:
Programming assignments.

Very exciting :-)


Ben said...

extremely exciting! Will you be able to share course notes for those of us not attending UCSD? <:)

timm said...

Yea, that would be awesome if you could share the course notes!

friedlinguini said...

When I attended UCSD we had a 1-quarter class that used SPHIGS, as I recall, and I was emailing some graduate student in Europe about some technique he had invented called "photon mapping" or some such thing. Kids these days don't appreciate what they have, and can get offa my lawn.

Wolfgang Engel said...

I would like to setup a course website with the course notes. I need to figure out how public this website can be. I assume it is restricted to attendees of the course ... will follow up regarding this.

Peter said...

Is it course also online, or only classroom based?

Unknown said...

I would be very interested in attending this class. I currently live in San Diego and I have been looking to attend UCSD for specifically a gpu related programming class. I have already received a Bachelor of Science from a different college and work industry. Do you happen to know if I would be somehow attend just this class?

Wolfgang Engel said...

the course is class-room based. JosepthThomas please contact the CS administration for this.

namar0x0309 said...

About time! Too bad i'm in Seattle, but it would be nice to have the powerpoint or whatever you use online for everyone to access and learn! Keep up the excellent work (respect).

Unknown said...

I just enrolled in this course. :)
Two questions:
What platforms will this course be based on?
What previous knowledge and how much work do you expect from us? Thanks!

Unknown said...
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Chris Howard said...

Oh man, I moved away from SD to go to school. I really wish I could take this class.

Unknown said...

Exciting, I live in Santa Clara but would definitely follow this course.

If you need help dealing with the web site I wouldn't mind (if that's what it takes to get the stuff online).

Too bad I'm not in SD/college anymore =(

Unknown said...

Hey Wolfgang, I've got a quick question for you and I have no where else to place it but as a comment in your blog, although I wish I was enrolled at UCSD for the course. I'm currently at Devry.

I've got a good handle on what i consider the basics - stuff like animation with skinned meshes and procedural terrain rendering, particles, etc... However, when it comes to lighting (besides deploying the basic phong point/spot lights, etc...) I'm clueless. I want to learn how to deploy HDR, bloom, other post processing effects. I've looked at some of the SDK examples but without some good detailed reading its pointless for me. Anyway, I'm working with dx 9 right now and was thinking about purchasing your shaderX5 book. Is the shader code written in HLSL or Assembly? Would you recommend a new version of your book? Any other recommended reading?


Wolfgang Engel said...

I contributed to a free book on Direct3D 10. You might check out the lighting models and the PostFX chapters in there. It is called Programming Vertex, Geometry and Pixel Shaders .. just type this into google.

Unknown said...

Thank you. Reading it now. ;-)

Unknown said...

as a 2002 ucsd alumni, i want to say that you teaching a course there is awesome!

too bad i'm not still a student there, i'd love to at least audit your class!