Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Old Interview

Just bumped into an old interview I gave to I still think everything in there is valid

While reading it I thought it is kind of boring. Many of my answers are so obvious ... maybe this is just my perception. How can you make it into the game industry? Probably on the same way you can make it into any industry. Lots of education or luck or just being at the right time at the right place and then being creative, a good thinker etc.. There is no magic trick I think ... it all comes with lots of sweat.

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Unknown said...

FWIW, I still found your take on Larabee an interesting read. Information from the 'industry people' who actually have to work with the hardware seems to be in short supply compared to the oceans of marketing rethoric and often misguided enthusiast opinions.

To chip in on the industry thing, you'd have to be extremely lucky to magically be at the right place & time. It's all about trying to be at many places at many times.