Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oolong Engine

I renamed my iPhone / iPod touch engine to Oolong Engine and moved it to a new home. Its URL is now

I will add now a 3rd person camera model. This camera will be driven by the accelerometer and the touch screen.


Kim, Hyoun Woo said...
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Kim, Hyoun Woo said...

Is the name 'Oolong' is came from the name of Chinese tea?

BTW, it looks so interesting though iPhone is not still available in Korea. I would like to try it if I get the phone. Any othter thing for the engine, it might be possible to run on my smart phone - BlackJack.

Kim, Hyoun Woo said...

BTW, the Oolong Engine is not a open source one... Is there any chance to run it my MacBookAir or other embeded system?

ps. especially supporting DOOM III .map file format sounds interesting...then why?

Wolfgang Engel said...

Yes the name is based on the tea :-) ... it is one of my favourite teas. I also like the word game Oo == object-oriented ... although this is not really true. It is more C than C++ that I use. It is only running on the iPhone.
You can develop on the MacBook Air but it only runs on the iPhone ... the "unofficial" toolchain does not have an emulator.
I am currently working on porting it over to the official iPhone SDK. I picked the DOOM III file format becaue there are great tools to use it. Other than this I could also pick any other format with great tools. If you have a good idea ... :-)
If you are sure you want to give the engine a spin, which means you already have the toolchain setup and running on your MacBook give me a sign and I give you access to the source code.

Rho said...

The oolong engine project appears is no longer active.

Rho said...

The oolong engine project appears no longer active

Wolfgang Engel said...

Sorry just saw this. Yes I didn't work anymore on Oolong for a long time. At Confetti we have our own cross platform rendering framework that includes iOS and it is quite different from Oolong, so I spend my time there.