Wednesday, May 28, 2008

UCSD Talk on Light Pre-Pass Renderer

So the Light Pre-Pass renderer had its first public performance :-) ... I talked yesterday at UCSD about this new renderer design. There will be a ShaderX7 article as well.

Pat Wilson from Garagegames is sharing his findings with me. He came up with an interesting way to store LUV colors.
Renaldas Zioma told me that a similar idea was used in Battlezone 2.

This is exciting :-)

The link to the slides is at the end of the March 16th post.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

DX 10 Graphics demo skeleton

I setup a google code website with one of my small little side projects that I worked on more than a year ago. To compete in graphics demo competitions you need a very small exe. I wanted to figure out how to do this with DX10 and this is the result :-) ... follow the link

What is it: it is just a minimum skeleton to start creating your own small-size apps with DX10. At some point I had a particle system running in 1.5kb this way (that was with DX9). If you think about the concept of small exes there is one interesting thing I figured out. When I use DX9 and I compile HLSL shader code to a header file and include it to use it, it is smaller than the equivalent C code. So what I was thinking was: hey let's write a math library in HLSL and use the CPU only with the stub code to launch everything and let it run on the GPU :-)