Monday, January 30, 2012

Reviving this blog

I started to revive this blog after posting for a while on AltDevBlogADay. I first brought my old posts over from AltDev and started working on a few new ones.
This also gives me a chance to differ between Confetti's blog and this private blog. Confetti's ( blog will hold most of the time company related information and this blog will cover more technical information that might not have anything to do with what we do at Confetti.


Brian said...

Cool man, I will bookmark and check it out more often. I am part of the Grit Engine team, we are seeking to make a viable open source streaming game engine. It would be sweet to hear what you think of that and projects like these, advice for guys out there who want to make engines like the kind you worked on for GTA IV!

Kevin said...

I look forward to the revival! I've had this site bookmarked for quite some time, checking back every once in a while.