Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beagle Board

I got the whole development environment going and wrote a few small little graphics demos for it. All the PowerVR demos I tried ran on it nicely. Very cool!
If you are interested in a next-gen mobile development platform I would defitely recommend looking into this at

Any further development has now moved to lowest priority ... maybe at some point I will play around more with Angstroem. There is an online image builder


Unknown said...

Did you ever get OpenGL 2.0 going under Ångström?

My goal's still to use the DSP to optimize OpenCV for a robotics project -- still, it's easy to swap-in an entire OS on a card for arbitrary purposes and functions.

Wolfgang Engel said...

yep it is running quite well here. It is hard to debug with my current setup ... I compile on the Linux PC and then store the exe on the SD card ... if it doesn't work the result is just black :-)