Saturday, March 21, 2009

ShaderX7 on Sale

ShaderX7 has more than 800 pages. I like the following screenshot from
ShaderX8 is already announced. Proposals are due by May 19th, 2009. Please send them to wolf at An example proposal, writing guidelines and a FAQ can be downloaded from The schedule is available on

Thanks to Eric Haines for reminding me to add this to this page :-)


gpakosz said...

i own shaderx 6 but i barely started shader programming even though i downloaded the shaderx 2 pdfs (thank you again for this) in the meantime

will shaderx 7 be too advanced? or does it just cover other things than the previous books?


Unknown said...

This is imo the best ShaderX-book yet. I really like you article on the light pre-pass renderer.

Unknown said...


Are you going to consider proposals based on CUDA?
Also do you have any information about similar requirements for "Game Programming Gems" :) ?

Thank you.

Wolfgang Engel said...

we are considering proposals for CUDA. For Game Programming Gems you have to ask those guys :-)

Data said...

i just got it by email.
Nice work.

Data said...

sorry, not an email, its real, not stuffed into email ! sorry for typo. :)))

Unknown said...

You said x7 has 800 pages... but, how come the amazon screenshot says the book has 600 pages? :D

Wolfgang Engel said...

How about you buy it and count the pages and come back to this site to tell us how many pages it has?

AlStrong said...


Great compilation, just got it recently. :) I was wondering if there was a source where I could get colour renditions of the images and figures used throughout. The conversion to grey scale makes it difficult to focus on certain things (or compare in certain cases, such as the CIE LUV chapter).


Wolfgang Engel said...

This is a good point. Let me see if I can get the color images together and make them downloadable on the website.

MiNg said...

Hi, I would like to submit a proposal to ShaderX8, should I email the proposal to

Thx for your attention.

Wolfgang Engel said...