Monday, February 2, 2009

Larrabee on GDC

I am really looking forward to Mike Abrash's and Tom Forsyth's talks at GDC about Larrabee:

Talking about the Larrabee instruction set will be super cool ... can't wait to see this.


Anonymous said...

These advances in GPGPU tech are very exciting (CUDA, OpenCL, Larrabee, etc.). I am starting to work on a senior project of a physically-based fire simulation using CUDA. I can't wait to see those sessions on real time physical simulations at the GDC, and your light pre-pass talk :).

Justicle said...

So, has it been mentioned yet if Larrabee will allow developers to create their own rasterizers or 3D api?

Do developers get access to the back end pixel functionality, or are we still stuck with OpenGL/D3D?

Unknown said...

They will have to provide OpenGL and DirectX implementations if they ever want to sell the chips. And they better have a good performance/price ratio.

But then, you can program your own pipeline if you want.

What I don't know, and that would be really great, is if they'll release the code for their rasterizer, so you can start from there and just add/modify features. That would really give you a nice starting point to create your new effects.