Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Great Links

I just came accross some cool links today while looking for material that shows multi-core programming and how to generate an indexed triangle list from a triangle soup.
I did not know that you can setup a virtual Cell chip on your PC. This course looks interesting:


John Ratcliff's Code Suppository is a great place to find fantastic code snippets:


Here is a great paper to help with first steps in multi-core programming:


A general graphics programming course is available here:


I will provide this URL to people who ask me about how to learn graphics programming.


Ultrahead said...

Hi, are you still checking your shaderX email address? I sent you a message some weeks ago but got a postmaster failed message :(

Wolfgang Engel said...

you need to send it to wolf@shaderx.com ... did you use this address? It should work. I get lots of proposals for ShaderX7 through this e-mail.

Ultrahead said...

Yeap, I did.

I'll try again.

Ultrahead said...

You have an email.

Hope this time you receive it.

Best regards,

Ultrahead said...

Hi, did you get my message? This time I've not received a postmaster notification.

Ultrahead said...
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Ultrahead said...

.net .com ... sent it to both email addresses but no response ...

Wolfgang Engel said...

just use wolfgang.engel@gmail.com to be sure :-)

Ultrahead said...

Ok, check your inbox. Message sent.